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Garden Offering

30-Day Self Care Level-Up

What we commit to is what manifests in our lives.  Set your intention and commitment to evolving and growing…rising with the sun…in community.  Take advantage of this 30 day challenge that will transform your life forever…mastering of your destiny

Drafting Our Freedom

Drafting our Freedom Papers

No one can free us or save us but ourselves!  Now is the time to break the chains.  Invest in this 1 week intensive where you get to work in community in drafting your freedom papers.  In a judgement free zone, you will be gently and expertly guided towards identifying your triggers, fears, and doubts that subconsciously inform your movement along your life path.

​“6-Month Transformation and Alignment Journey” 

Take a chance on yourself - It will be the best investment you could ever make.  Throughout the 6-month program you will be able to not only unearth, but reform the foundation of your life through regular touch points and implementable tips that will help you transform into your best self - inside and out.

6 Month Transformation

“2 - Month Group Experience {{I Am Enough}} - Balancing towards Alignment

If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.  In this 2-month group experience you get to put into practice in real time, the actions and activities that will lead you to manifesting your deepest desires.

2 Month Group
30 Day self care level up
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